Utility Allows Users To Switch Apps Via Keystrokes

ClaireWare Software has updated Program Switcher to version 5.6.0. Program Switcher allows users to switch between running programs via a simple keystroke, but also adds the ability to launch, quit, or hide any program. According to ClaireWare Software:

Program Switcher is a convenient, timesaving control panel that allows you to switch between the applications running on your System 7.1 through 9.x Macintosh via a simple two-key keystroke. It was inspired by the same function found in "Windows," but has been improved and transformed into a unique and fully configurable control panel that makes switching applications on the Macintosh as simple as pressing a couple of keys.

Key features include:

  • The ability to switch, launch, quit, or hide any application with a simple keystroke
  • The ability to switch, hide, or close windows with a simple keystroke
  • Full support for the latest MacOS technologies, such as Appearance, Navigation Services, and Multiple Users.
  • Elegant, unobtrusive interface that makes the seemingly simple task of switching applications truly simple and easy to do.
  • A powerful suite of user configurable hot keys, including such actions as "Open File" and "Quit All Applications".

New in version 5.6.0 is the ability to define hot keys and add applications to the launch/exclude lists by drag and drop from the Finder, plus a number of minor bug fixes.

Program Switcher is available for US$10. You can find more information at the Program Switcher Web site.