Utility Allows Users To View OS X Files In A New Way

Are you an OS X Beta users that is not pleased with the new Finder/File Viewer? Toasted Marshmallow has released a preview version of a new Cocoa based OS X file viewer, MarshmallowMode. MarshmallowMode promises greater flexibility over how disk drives are organized and viewed. According to Toasted Marshmallow:

MarshmallowMode is an application that lets you browse the file system in a diffent way. The current release is a prototype to get user feedback, and is not to be regarded as finished software, or even a beta release.


  • Browser view of the file system. Nothing added, nothing hidden.
  • Icon view shows the current path in an accessible way.
  • Tabbed shelf for easy access to files, applications and directories. Users can add, remove and rename shelf levels.
  • Launches applications.
  • Drag and drop support.
  • Pure Cocoa.

Limitations in prototype release

  • Inspection only. Operations (copying, linking, moving...) are not implemented.
  • Displays too much; no way to turn off display of ".name" files, does not respect .hidden.
  • Does not display "alternate" icons.
  • Lots of "document" features are missing; there is no way to save the state of the shelf, for example.
  • Slow searching of some directories.
  • Caches directories and does not update when changes happen in the file system.
  • Relies on the NSWorkspace system, which is largely broken in Mac OS X Public Beta.

Wish list

  • Icon view as an alternative to browser view. (Almost there...)
  • Single shelf level/tab free mode.
  • Copy, cut and paste to copy/move/delete files.
  • Resizable browser columns.
  • Selection by filename completion.
  • Use ".opendir.tiff" and ".dir.tiff" instead of a generic icon, when they exist.

You can help shape this product by testing this early preview version. For more information, please visit the Toasted Marshmallow web site.

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