Utility Gives X Prefs An OS 9 Control Panel-Like Feel

Amar Sagoo Software has released a handy little utility providing instant access to individual System Preferences in OS X, Prefling. Prefling 1.2 is a Dockling that allows users to open the System Preferences application directly to a desired preference, providing a feel similar to OS 8/9is Control Panels. According to Amar Sagoo Software:

Prefling is a free Mac OS X dockling that allows you to access all panels of the System Preferences directly from the Dock.

To install, simply put the file Prefling.dock in your preferred location, for example the Dock Extras folder in your Applications folder, and double-click it or drag it to the Dock.

Known Issue: Mac OS X versions newer than 10.0.1 will show warning when you launch Prefling. It will function fine, however. This will hopefully be fixed soon.

Release Notes
1.2 - 2001-05-08

  • Panel names are now displayed in your preferred language.
  • Changed dockling label to read "Prefling".
  • Prepared for future Mac OS versions.

Prefling is available for free. You can find more information at the Amar Sagoo Software Web site.