Utility Helps To Script And Automate FileMaker

Waves in Motion has released a new FileMaker Pro scripting utility, oAzium Events. oAzium Events allows users to easily add scripting, control, and automation features to their FileMaker databases. According to Waves in Motion:

Announcing oAzium Events, the FileMaker Pro plug-in that adds reliable script scheduling and control to your solutions.Based on our popular Script Scheduler, oAzium Events has been redesigned from the ground up with speed, reliability and flexibility in mind. And itis easier to use than ever: manage multiple schedules of any type with no scripting at all. Just open the Events Manager database and point-and-click your way to automation. You can even customize the Events Manager any way you want.With oAzium Events, you can trigger FileMaker scripts on schedules, at regular intervals or when the user takes certain actions. You can also flexibly schedule the opening and closing of databases. Additionally, you can take advantage of a powerful external function interface, integratingevery feature of the plug-in into your own solutions.

oAzium Events works seamlessly with databases whether local or hosted with FileMaker Server. It is available for Microsoft Windows (95 - 2000) and Mac OS. The product includes comprehensive documentation and plenty of examples to get you started.

oAzium is available for US$89. You can find more information at the Waves in Motion Web site.