Utility OS X Ready, Helps Make GIFs Ready For The Web

Box Top Software has updated their tool for optimizing GIF images for faster Web loading times, SuperGIF, to version 1.5. SuperGIF compresses any GIF image via simple drag and drop making the image smaller and faster loading for Web viewers. The latest version is also Carbonized to run natively under Mac OS X. According to Box Top Software:

Today, Iive very happy to be able to tell you about SuperGIF 1.5. SuperGIF is a unique tool among web graphics tools. Itis a solution for simply making every GIF you have, be it single image or animation, smaller, faster and better performing on your Web site. All without a bit of effort from you. Itis a drag and drop automated operation that can save you upwards of 70% in file size.

SuperGIF 1.5 is a FREE update for all existing users and is available for Mac Classic and Carbon environments and Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT.

70% savings on existing GIF images and animations is pretty impressive. It sounds almost too good to be true, but Iim sure youill recall the old saying of "pick two: good, cheap, fast". SuperGIF, like most things, got two out of three of those ideals the first time around.

Now, SuperGIF is good, cheap AND fast. Itis Carbon native, too in the Mac version, so itis even more speed under OS X.

And itis all about speed on the Web. With web pages you, have the smallest of windows of opportunity to capture the all too short attention span of the viewer, get them to read your page or not. There isnit a fast enough and no saving in time is too small to worry about if you want a successful web site.

Optimizing images takes time and effort, you want to, but sometimes thatis not possible because you canit afford the time to manually do it. Now there is a way, a very good way with SuperGIF, to save time all around from start to finish.

SuperGIF 1.5 is more than three times as fast processing images overall than SuperGIF 1.0, and it still optimizes just as well. Itis a great tool thatis better now, and a FREE update for all SuperGIF users, despite major improvements more in line with paid upgrades.

SuperGIF is available for US$29.95. You can find more information at the Box Top Software Web site.