VOKATOR Now Shipping From Native Instruments

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS has released a new app for Mac users, VOKATOR. VOKATOR is a vocoder utility designed for sound and music creation. The app features a hi-res FFT spectral engine and support for 1024 bands. According to NATIVE INSTRUMENTS:

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS announces that VOKATOR is available worldwide in stores today.

VOKATOR is a revolutionary vocoder that defines a new standard for transparency, detail, and smoothness. It is not only an exceptional vocoder, but also a sophisticated synthesizer, a granular sampler, and a virtual sound-fusion laboratory.

VOKATORis high-resolution FFT spectral engine is a milestone in vocoder development. Previous vocoders used eight, sixteen, twenty, or thirty-two frequency bands at the most, VOKATORis advanced engine uses 1024 bands.

You can find more information about the VOKATOR release at the NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Web site. VOKATOR is available for US$299.00.