VST Bundled Plug-in For Audio Creation

Mac Musically is announcing the availability of the bundled music app, SoundModelers. SoundModelers is a 3 pack plug-in for use with VST host applications for the music creation. The plug-ins are compatible with LogicAudio and Spark to name a few. According to Dragan Petrovic:

Dragan Petrovic (aka PolyFractus) just released SoundModelers, a bundle of 3 VST plug-ins for Macintosh.

The plug-ins are:

  • LoopDelay, a multi-tap long (up to 5 seconds) delay, with a Loop function
  • Reson, a multi comb filters plug-in
  • ReverbModeler, a room modeling plug-in to create original reverb sounds

Theses plug-ins are compatible with any VST host application, and have been successfully tested on Cubase (Steinberg), LogicAudio (Emagic), Spark (TCworks) and Peak (Bias).

You can find more information about SoundModelers at the Mac Musically Web site. SoundModelers is available freeware.