VVI Releases Beta Version Of Graph Vvilder

VVI has released a beta version of Graph Vvilder, bringing it version 8. Graph Vvilder is a visual layout app designed for documents using data in a visual format. The beta testing will hope to yeild new features and enhancements. According to VVI:

VVI® today announced the Graph Vvilder version 8.0 beta program.

Graph Vvilder is a powerful visual layout application and is the result of ten years of development and use at major coporations.

Graph Vvilder™ is an interactive layout application for making documents which report data in graph, custom map, tabular, paginated and textual formats and a template builder for custom applications based on the OpenGraph framework.

The newest version, Graph Vvilder version 8.0, is a thorough redesign of the previous versions. Because of its many new features and interface changes version 8.0 is undergoing an in situ beta testing program.

You can find more information about the Graph Vvilder beta release at the VVI Web site. Graph Vvilder pricing is available from the VVI sales department.