VVI Updates Vvidget With New Wizards

VVI has released an update for Vvidget, bringing it to version 8.5.8. Vvidget is a utility designed for creating graphs. The update features new Wizards for sinmplified graph building and other enhancements. According to VVI:

VVI today announced the version 8.5.8 update to its Vvidget graphing system.

The newest version implements semi-log and log-log graphs, both full-cycle and sub-cycle formats. Weive also added five wizards within Vvidget Builder as another entry point into making graphs and charts.

Users can now enter data and click a button to see the graph. They can then place it on a Vvidget Builder document to gain access to the full amount of formatting options in order to tune the graph. The emphasis is to provide multiple ways to make graphs, some quick and data focused, some meticulous and graphic oriented and others that are developer oriented or business oriented in order to satisfy diverse customer needs.

You can find more information about the Vvidget update at the VVI Web site. Vvidget pricing is available from the VVI sales department.