Velan Shipping FAST DVD COPY Version 2

Velan Software has released a new version of FAST DVD COPY, bringing it to version 2. FAST DVD COPY is a utility designed for duplicating DVDs. The app features support for iDVD and adds a quality viewer. According to Velan Software:

Velan Software announces today the release of FAST DVD COPY 2, the first software built for Mac OS X that allows users to copy their DVD video collections to DVD-R(W) discs without losing any quality from the original DVD.

FAST DVD COPY 2 is the most powerful DVD copy technology for Mac available on the market today. It combines the best features of our previously released version with the added breakthrough feature allowing the user the freedom to choose the items to be copied from the DVD video, including menus, trailers, audio streams, subtitles, bonus material and special features. The DVD copy can be played back on portable and home DVD players as well as Macs or PCs with DVD drives.

FAST DVD COPY 2 Features:

  • One-click copy interface
  • Allows you to burn almost all DVD videos to blank DVD-R(W) discs
  • Copies an entire double-sided DVD video to one single-sided DVD-R(W) disc
  • Freedom to choose all items or specific items to copy including menus, trailers, audio streams, subtitles, bonus material and special features
  • Copied DVD videos can be played on any recent DVD player
  • Duplication quality viewer now available
  • Fully copies multi-channel audio (Dolby Didital 5.1, DTS, THX)
  • Apple iDVD compatible
  • Takes advantage of Macintosh dual processors for faster processing
  • NTSC and PAL formats supported
  • Widescreen and Pan & Scan sizes supported
  • DVD copies are now region free
  • Free update patches available online
  • Privacy guaranteed

You can find more information about the latest FAST DVD COPY release at the Velan Software Web site. FAST DVD COPY 2 is available for US$99.95.