VendorNation Announces Galactica Tournament has announced a Galactica Anno Dominari online tournament. Galactica is an interstellar warfare game designed with the objective of conquering the universe. The top players will be eligible for prizes and prestige. According to is launching the first ever Galactica Tourney! With three rounds of play, seven games, and killer prizes, we invite you to join us this Saturday and see if you have the skills to be the next Galactic Conquerer!

This is a three round tournament that will see losers eliminated from each game and the winner moving forward to the next tourney. These Tournaments are open to all players regardless if they have a registered or unregistered version of Galactica. However the unregistered version only allows 100 turns!

You can find more information about the Galactica tournament at the Web site. The tournament is scheduled for this Saturday, May 17th.