VendorNation Releases Slope Rider For Mac Gamers

VendorNation has released a new game for Mac gamers, Slope Rider. Slope Rider is a simulation game that drops the player into the binds of a friction challenged snowboard. Featuring 3D graphics and realistic stunts, a teasing powder craving can be satiated via download. According to VendorNation:

Your friends at VendorNation are proud to announce the Online release of Slope Rider through our independent games sales Website!

Slope Rider is brought to you by Monte Boyd Interactive, a talented and growing independent developer that had previously brought you Dragon Clash for the MacOS operating system.

Slope Rider feature heaps of powder-covered courses complete with jumps, half-pipes, and rails all over the course. Pull off hundreds of trick combos for massive points or race against the computer and try to nail a best time ranking!

You can find more information about Slope Rider at the VendorNation Web site. Slope Rider is available for US$15.00.