Venerable FTP Client Receives Overhaul has announced that the Interarchy 3.8 is now available for download. Interarchy 3.8, formerly Anarchie Pro, is a full featured, robust, and easy to use FTP client. According to

Interarchy 3.8 is a powerful and flexible Internet interface for Mac OS. It can transfer files via FTP and HTTP, search the Internet to find the files you want, provide a wealth of information about remote servers as well as your local Internet connection and Internet applications, help manage remote servers, let you remotely control and test your Macintosh across the Internet. All Interarchy functions can be accessed via the menus or alternatively via a new user interface technology called wands. Interarchy wands are shareable, linkable, easy to make and very versatile. As user interface elements, wands have many diverse applications beyond simply providing alternative interfaces to Interarchy, they can also be hyperlinked to other wands, the web, other applications, AppleScript or indeed any document or URL.

Q1. What can Interarchy 3.8 be used for?

PORTAL - By customizing an Interarchy wand and then placing it in your Interarchy Statup Addresses, a user can create a single personal user interface element that can be used as a starting point for all Internet tasks performed on their Macintosh. This includes not only the thirty or so functions Interarchy provides but also accessing web sites with a web browser, reading email, newsreading, telneting, irc or indeed anything that can be initiated with a URL or by launching a file. Interarchy wands are simply drawn wysiwyg with any image editting program such as Photoshop and then compiled and hyperlinked with Interarchy WandForge, a freeware application included with the Interarchy installer. The entire process is quick and painless, and we include a default interface and other examples and demos with the package.

SEARCH - A user can use numerous Sherlock-compatible Internet Search Sites to search specific web based databases. As an example VersionTrackeris Internet Search Site has been included with Interarchy to allow the user to search a comprehensive database of all software available for Mac OS. As an extension of this feature Interarchy can also be used to parse and test Sherlock plugins.

SERVER MAINTENANCE - A user can administer, test and manager a remote server on almost any platform across the Internet from their Mac, using six TCP/IP standard protocols. As an example a user could connect to a remote unix server and edit settings files with BBEdit or upload a web site.

DOWNLOAD MANAGER - Interarchy makes an extremely fast and efficient download manager and can be directly integrated into the useris web browser to take over from the inferior FTP/HTTP engine found in Netscape and Internet Explorer.

PROBE - A remote computer can be probed and tested with standard IP operations to get information about the reliability of itis Internet connection, itis location, the physical route to it and the real world contact information of the owning entity.

CONNECTION INFO - Interarchy gives extensive statistic and raw info about the current state of your Internet connection and TCP/IP stack as well as the ability to analyze and log the Internet traffic going into and out of. As an example a user could be having a problem with accessing a POP server to retrieve their email and Interarchy could be used to see what is going on when the user is checking their mail, and even read their mail in raw form straight from the POP server.

REMOTE CONTROL - Interarchy can be configured to run the six standard unix-like daemons and even an AppleScript Telnet Daemon that will allow their Mac to be testible and controllable remotely via AppleScript. As an example a user could remotely telnet to their work Mac from home and use give AppleScript commands to the Speech manager to make it whisper "Who said that?". Of course we take potential privacy and security implications into serious consideration and this functionality is switched off by default as a precaution.

Interarchy 3.8 is available for US$50. You can find more information at the Interarchy web site.