Verbatim Keeps Producing ADR Tape Cartridges

Verbatim Corporation has released a statement to assure everybody that its ADR tape cartridges are still available. This follows the closing of OnStreamis operations that threatened production of the ADR technology. According to Verbatim:

Verbatim Corporation provided customers of OnStream Advanced Digital Recording Technology (ADR) drives with assurance today that Verbatim-branded ADR tape cartridges continue to be available from Verbatim and its resellers. Verbatim made the announcement in response to OnStreamis statement last week that it has ceased operations for all of its business units.

Verbatim assisted OnStream in developing the technnology for ADR media in 1998, and has been filling the growing need for ADR 30 and 50GB cartridges since the drives were first introduced. The high capacity and low storage cost, combined with the performance and reliability features Verbatim designed into the media, have made it ideal for network server, workstation, power desktop, and desktop backup, as well as multimedia removable storage applications.

Verbatim backs the new ADR media with a lifetime warranty.

Verbatim 30GB and 50GB ADR cartridges are available for US$39.95 to $49.95. You can find more information at Verbatimis Web site.