Verbatim To Ship 32x Discs In December

Verbatim Corporation will be shipping the DataLifePlus CD-R that provides full-speed 32x recording. The discs use a new proprietary recording dye that enables high speed 4.8 MB/sec data writing. According to Verbatim Corporation:

Offering the ultimate in speed, reliability and durability, VerbatimÆ Corporation announced today new DataLifePlusÆ CD-R discs that provide full-speed 32x recording. The 80-minute media features Verbatimis innovative "Super Azo‰" recording dye--a major breakthrough in recording layer technology. In addition to providing highly reliable audio, video and data recordings at speeds of up to 4.8 MB/sec with the new 32x drives and 3.5MB/sec with 24x drives, the media can be used with existing CD drives at speeds ranging from 1x to 24x.

Verbatimis Super Azo recording dye is based on its patented Metal Azo technology, which was developed to advance CD and other storage media, including DVD-R. Mitsubishi Corporation, the original developer of Metal Azo dye, and Verbatimis parent company, developed this new advanced recording technology by re-tuning key media characteristics such as sensitivity to ensure sharper pit burns at higher recording speeds.

You can find more information about the DataLifePlus CD-Rs at the Verbatim Corporation Web site. DataLifePlus CD-R discs will be available in December for various prices depending on quantity and seller.