VersionTracker Launches August Promotion

VersionTracker is offering a special promotion starting Wednesday. The bundle includes a free copy of the Griffin RoadTrip for iPod.

The complete bundle includes the following:

  1. A two year subscription to VersionTracker.
  2. Access to MacFixIt Pro which has ten years of archives.
  3. Griffin RoadTrip for iPod.
  4. Mac Pilot which unlocks over 300 hidden Mac OS X features and other advanced UNIX commands.

The VersionTracker subscription is for three seats and the Mac Pilot license is one seat. VersionTracker Pro gives users an automated, simple and cost-effective way to inventory and keep track of all software updates.

The entire VersionTracker bundle is priced at US$114.90.

In addition, there is a similar version, without the MacFixIt subscription for Windows and without Mac Pilot. It is priced at US$59.90.

The regular price for the two year subscription bundle is US$115.00, the Griffin RoadTrip is normally priced at US$89.00, and Mac Pilot is normally priced at $20.00. The promotion will last for 30 days or until the supply of RoadTrips is depleted.