Very Odd Games

There are times when we just love us some games. Not just any old games, however; weire talking games so good that youill ignore a full bladder, alien invasion, and seductive winks by scantily clad (insert gender preference here) neighbors just to play another round.

The games weire talking about donit necessarily have to have stellar graphics; a stick figure can be made just as engaging as a highly detailed, gun-toting alien if its done right. And doing it right, not just once, but more times than you shake a sore joystick thumb at is the subject of this installment of A Cool Waste of Time. Behold Viva La Games.

From action games like Dangerous Dave where you try to get Dave to fly as far as possible from a cliff in an odd iJackass:The Moviei like stunt, to the more traditional, sedate, yet immensely playable solitaire and Texas Holdiem, you find lots to keep you occupied for hours.

One of our favorites is called Ragdoll Avalanche where you use your mouse cursor to drag around a ragdoll to avoid getting it sliced to bit by randomly falling knives. The sound of a knife slicing through your doll is both sickening and oddly compelling, and the dollis movements are fluid, as if it were being pulled through a vat of 10w-20 motor oil. Very odd fun.

All of the gaming mayhem can be found at Viva La Games, We should also mention that the site has videos, as well. So, if youive got a spare minute or 20, check it out.

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