Video Editing Tool Updated

VideoScript Inc. has updated their video editing tool of the same name to version 2.0.5. VideoScript provides a complete and powerful language for manipulating and editing digital video content, and the new version brings greater compatibility with MP G4is. According to VideoScript:

VideoScript Inc. is proud to announce the release of VideoScript 2.0.5, their tool for real-time digital video and image processing. This release fixes a problem on multiprocessor G4is that occasionally caused blank lines to appear in frames when the system was under heavy load.

Other features in this release include new Input & Draw functions for creating standalone programs, and an improved C-style API for calling VideoScript functions from within C/C++ code.

VideoScript Professional provides you with a complete system for processing digital video and images. Using the VideoScript language, you can manipulate movies, frames and images with ease. A simple VideoScript can use a video-camera connected to your computer to detect movement, capture an image, and send that image to your office by email.

VideoScript Professional for Macintosh also harnesses the power of AppleScript by allowing AppleScript to be embedded into VideoScripts. This puts the power of thousands of other applications at your fingertips. For example, AppleScript allows you to respond to movement by automatically sending an email message.

The full-featured VideoScript Professional Edition is available for US$395, while the Lite version is available for free. You can find more information at the VideoScript web site.