Video Recording App TiVeRon Released From Formac

Formac Electronic Inc. has released a new app for the studio dv/tv converter, TiVeRon. TiVeRon is a digital recording app designed for recording a TV signal via the studio dv/tv converter. The app allows for remote recording time setting and converts the TV signal to DV format. According to Formac Electronic:

Formac Electronic Inc., the leading manufacturer of performance enhancing peripherals and advanced visualization solutions, today announced Formac TiVeRon™, a digital video recording software, for its award-winning studio™ dv/tv media converter.

Formac’s new TiVeRon™ software, a native Cocoa development, further enhances the TV capabilities of studio™ dv/tv. In addition to watching television, users can schedule and record TV shows ahead of time, and from remote locations via the internet or network.

Designed for the creative professional, video is captured in high-quality DV format, making it available for instant and frame-accurate editing.

Unlike competitive TV recording solutions, Formac’s studio dv/tv uses an ultra-fast hardware CODEC to capture movies in high-quality DV format. Movies are captured with full-screen NTSC resolution at 30 frames per second, and can be used instantly for frame-accurate editing.

You can find more information about the TiVeRon release at the Formac Electronic Inc. Web site. TiVeRon comes bundled with the studio dv/tv device that retails for US$399.00.