Video Sequencer Updated With Enhanced Rendering Engine

U & I Software has released an update for VTrack, bringing it to version 1.5. VTrack is a video sequencer designed for mixing QuickTime movies, DV streams, and still images. The update ships with OS X support and other enhancements including rendering engine speed improvements. According U & I Software:

U & I Software announced today that it has released VTrack 1.5, a revolutionary video sequencer with integrated ArtMatic rendering.

VTRACK 1.5 is an OS X-native (and OS 9-compatible) update to U&Iis innovative eight-track video montage and special effects tool that can mix QuickTime movies, DV streams, still images, sounds and ArtMatic structures. For video artists and musicians, it is a complete solution for the creation of art and music video, and it is a powerful tool for video post-production professionals.

New features include:

  • support for OS X
  • the ArtMatic Pro 3.0 rendering engine (which is up to 50% faster than before)
  • support for sound-only events
  • ability to associate sounds with pictures and ArtMatic events
  • independently-assignable transfer modes for all events
  • project independent libraries for frequently-used elements
  • support for large library sizes
  • export as picture sequence and much more

You can find more information about VTrack update at the U & I Software Web site. VTrack is available for US$249.00.