Virtix Releases Zoom And Pan 3.0 For iMovie

Virtix, Inc. has released a new version of Virtix Zoom and Pan, bringing it to version 3.0. Virtix Zoom and Pan is a digital plug-in designed for custom image control within iMovie. The latest version features XY position control and support for previous Mac OS and iMovie versions. According to Virtix:

Virtix, Inc. announces the immediate availability of Virtix Zoom and Pan 3.0 for iMovie. Version 3 is an update that allows Zoom and Pan to work with iMovie 2 and 3, and OS 9 and X! Previous versions worked only with iMovie 2.

Virtix Zoom and Pan is an iMovie plugin with its own custom user interface that you can use inside iMovie. Just option-click on the effect in the iMovie effect palette and a dialog box will come up that allows you to zoom into, pan across, and rotate around moving clips and high-resolution still images.

Since all this capability is wrapped up in a single effect, your iMovie palette is not cluttered up with dozens of additional effects.

Virtix Zoom and Pan 3.0 allows you to specify an XY position, a magnification factor and an angle parameter at the beginning and end of the clip. This means you can move across, zoom into and rotate an image at the same time.

You can find more information about the Virtix Zoom release at the Virtix, Inc. Web site. Upgrades from Virtix Zoom and pan 2.0 are free, while the full versionis is available for US$34.99.