Virtual Alarm Clock Update From Koingo

Koingo Software has released an update for Alarm Clock Pro, bringing it to version 4.5.2. Alarm Clock Pro is a virtual alarm clock designed with customizable ring tones and multiple date settings. The new version has improved performance and bug fixes. According to Koingo Software:

Hi Folks,

The support in the last week for Alarm Clock Pro has been awesome! Iid like to thank everyone who has contributed by means of ideas or resources - it has been a huge help. As a thank you, here is yet another update!! This version includes two new user requests as well as a few bug fixes.

Weive all purchased those other alarm clocks which only allow you to set one ring time; Alarm Clock Pro is not one of them. The Perpetual module of the application lets you set fifteen alarms to ring between now and December 31st, 2040. Classic, another module, allows you to set an alarm to ring once everyday, weekday or weekend for an entire week. The module entitled Timer works just like your standard kitchen timer except it doesnit require any batteries.

This should be the last update for a little while, not to worry. You can take your modem out of that bucket of ice now


  • Bug Fix: Typos in the "days of the week". "Day" was incorrectly capitalized in the weekdays (ie. MonDay)
  • Bug Fix: To Do List no longer loads each reminder separated by a return as a separate item (you may have to re-enter your items)
  • Bug Fix: Timer works again, there was a bug where you couldnit select a media file
  • New Feature: Added an auto-off option which will automatically turn off an alarm after it has rung for a duration of time (this only works with media files, not the built-in beeps)
  • New Feature: Added ability to have Alarm Clock Pro automatically open to a specific module
  • New Feature: Added "Today" option in the Perpetual module which sets the date of the currently selected alarm to today
  • New Feature: Using updated Navigation Services
  • New Feature: Media File option is selected by default by the Select File button.

You can find more information about the Alarm Clock Pro update at the Koingo Software Web site. Alarm Clock Pro 4.5.2 is available for US$11.97.