Virtual Note Card App Coming To The Mac First

IntelliGents has announced the availability of a new note storage and organization utility, NoteWorthy Virtual Notecards. NoteWorthy allows users to store and organize notes on their Mac as if they were stored on 3x5 note cards. The program is especially useful for researchers who want to share notes and have easy access to reference and bibliographic information. According to IntelliGents:

IntelliGents, LLC announces the commercial release of NoteWorthy Virtual Notecards.

NoteWorthy is a database platform in which students, professors, journalists and other professional researchers can store, organize and retrieve their notes, quotes and bibliographic references. NoteWorthy operates on the metaphor of "Virtual Notecards", and allows researchers to store and organize notes on their computers much as they do with 3x5" index cards, only with the added power of lightning-fast searching and sorting.

NoteWorthy allows you to store millions of fully-formatted notes and quotes up to hundreds of pages in length, along with keywords and links to bibliographic information. Existing electronic bibliographies can be imported from bibliographic programs such as EndNote and ProCite and integrated with a NoteWorthy database. Information can be cut and pasted with other programs and from the web, and entries can be hot-linked to web locations.

NoteWorthy Virtual Notecards is a desktop application, and is being released Mac-first. A Windows edition is expected later in the Spring of 2001. Data can be exchanged between the Mac and Windows versions.

NoteWorhy Virtual Notecards is available for US$89. You can find more information at the IntelliGents Web site.