Virtual PC Made Easier

Infamus Software has updated VPC Helper to version 3.0. VPC Helper allows users to easily prepare their system to run the Virtual PC program by freeing up memory and other resources, allowing users to optimize the performance of the VPC application. According to Infamus Software:

Infamus Software has released VPC Helper 3.0, an update to the popular utility for users of Connectixi award-winning Virtual PC PC emulation software. VPC Helper has thousands of users worldwide!

Emulating a Windows PC on a Mac stresses every system resource, making large amounts of RAM and processor cycles required commodities. Until VPC Helper came along, freeing up RAM and processor speed for Virtual PC was tedious, time-consuming, and irritating. VPC Helper offers tried-and-true methods of freeing up resources for maximum Virtual PC performance. VPC Helper is perfect for older PowerMacs, G3s, and even G4 systems and is compatible with every version of Virtual PC, including the latest 4.0!

VPC Helper 3.0 offers several features... VPC Helper will quickly prepare your Mac for Virtual PC use and allow one-click configuration and return. VPC Helper will set your Virtual Memory and disk cache settings (Mac OS 9 recommended for this feature), set extension/control panel startup sets, set startup disks, quit the Finder, quit ihiddeni background apps and processes, control File Sharing and desktop settings, and restart your Mac (if needed) in direct preparation for maximum Virtual PC use! And VPC Helper quickly configures and reconfigures settings with a click of the button! VPC Helper also does something no other method can do... It can relaunch those closed background apps after you are finished with Virtual PC with no restart needed!

VPC Helper will make your Virtual PC use much easier. VPC Helper will improve Virtual PC speed, reliability, and memory use by:

  • Allowing you to control and set Virtual Memory and Disk Cache automatically.
  • Allowing you to switch extensions sets on the fly!
  • Restoring your non-Virtual PC preferences with one click of the mouse!
  • Can optionally set a different startup drive for Virtual PC use.
  • Quitting ihiddeni background applications that hog RAM and processor cycles!
  • Restarting your background apps after you are finished using Virtual PC!
  • Quitting the Finder itself and freeing more RAM and processor cycles!
  • Controlling File Sharing before and after Virtual PC use.
  • Controlling Desktop Pictures before and after Virtual PC use to save RAM/CPU.
  • Providing easy setup and management of your VPC Helper profile.
  • Providing configuration and on/off options for all features.
  • Not stealing RAM or startup memory from your system or from Virtual PC.

VPC Helper is available for US$13.95. You can find more information at the Infamus Software Web site.