Virtual TimeClock Line Updated

Redcort Software has updated their suite of time-tracking applications, Virtual TimeClock Pro and Net TimeClock, to version 3.3. Virtual TimeClock Pro allows users to easily track the number of hours worked, and how many hours are spent on individual projects. Combined with Net TimeClock this is an ideal system for virtual working environments. According to Redcort Software:

Virtual TimeClock is Redcort Softwareis full featured, software replacement for traditional employee time clocks and manual time card management. Net TimeClock is the personal network companion for Virtual TimeClock Pro.

Virtual TimeClock saves time and greatly increases accuracy by automatically tracking and totaling employee time worked, activities, wages, overtime, vacation and sick leave. Virtual TimeClockis powerful, yet easy to use reporting tool ensures that up to date, comprehensive employee or project time card information is never more than a few mouse clicks away.

Version 3.3 contains numerous program improvements as well as adding a powerful, yet easy to use new management function that rebuilds data indexes. Rebuilding indexes after a system crash or malfunction fixes nearly all resulting data issues.

Pricing for Virtual TimeClock Pro starts at US$149.95, while pricing for Net TimeClock starts at US$34.95. A site license for both Virtual TimeClock and Net TimeClock is available for US$2,995. You can find more information at the Redcort Software Web site.