Virtual TimeClock Pro Updated With ID Load Checking

Redcort Software has release an update for Virtual TimeClock Pro, bringing it to version 4.6. Virtual TimeClock Pro is an employee time tracking and management app designed to replace mechanical punch card type time clocks. The update features several enhancements including ID load checking and bug fixes. According to Redcort Software:

Redcort Software today released Virtual TimeClock Pro 4.6.

Virtual TimeClock Pro is the powerful, easy to use software replacement for mechanical employee time clocks. Virtual TimeClock easily and accurately tracks worker arrivals, departures, hours worked, and overtime. A powerful, yet flexible reporting system prints timecards grouped by worker, department, job or client.

Program fixes and enhancements include:

  • The default stop time for a manual entry is now the start date/time instead of the current date/time
  • Editing timecard entries now properly displays the recorded activity rather than the default activity
  • Fixed a Clock In/Out bug that could occasionally cause a program crash
  • Mac/Windows cross platform data sharing is reliable with data served from either platform
  • Enhanced data file unlocking during an abnormal program quit
  • Fixed manual file access unlocking at startup (see the iReadMe Firsti in the download for details)
  • Version 4 upgrade no longer loses prior registration information (4.5 bug)
  • The one exception requiring reentry of registration info is if the client ID is corrupted (see next item)
  • Client registration again works consistently when upgrading OS 9 Macs
  • Added a check to ensure the client ID is loading properly. If the client ID has been corrupted, the user is notified and the Client ID is reset

You can find more information about the Virtual TimeClock Pro update at the Redcort Software Web site. Virtual TimeClock Pro 4.6 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$179.00.