Virtual TimeClock Pro Updated With Improved Access

Redcort Software has release an update for Virtual TimeClock Pro, bringing it to version 4.8. Virtual TimeClock Pro is an employee time tracking and management app designed to replace mechanical punch card type time clocks. The update improves high volume access and resilient network crash performance. According to Redcort Software:

Redcort Software today released version 4.8 of their award winning Virtual TimeClock Professional software.

Virtual TimeClock Pro is the powerful, easy to use software replacement for mechanical employee time clocks. Virtual TimeClock easily and accurately tracks worker arrivals, departures, hours worked, and overtime. A powerful, yet flexible reporting system prints timecards grouped by worker, department, job or client.

4.8 Program fixes and enhancements include:

  • High volume and/or simultaneous multi-user database access is dramatically improved
  • Cross platform (Windows and Mac) shared database access is much more reliable. (Data can be reliably hosted on either Windows or OS X based servers)
  • Database access on slow or high traffic networks is enhanced
  • Fixed a bug that randomly caused network users to be locked out of the database
  • Failed access to the database is now handled much more elegantly
  • The program will automatically reconnect network connection that is restored
  • Fixed a bug where Windows 98 prevented data access to other network users.
  • A complete loss of network access loss no longer crashes the program
  • User dialog messages now self close after about a minute.indows Edition properly releases all memory processes during an abnormal program quit
  • and more...

You can find more information about the Virtual TimeClock Pro update at the Redcort Software Web site. Virtual TimeClock Pro 4.8 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$179.00.