Virtual TimeClock Updated

Redcort Software has updated their employee time tracking application, Virtual TImeClock Professional, to version 3.01. The new version of the full-featured tme clock application fixes a number of bugs, and adds improved network support. According to Redcort Software:

Virtual TimeClock Professional is a full featured automated software replacement to traditional employee time clocks. Redcort Softwareis new iProfessional Editioni adds full networking, activity tracking, and vacation/sick leave capabilities.

With thousands of downloads and lots of interactions with users since the early October 3.0 release, todayis 3.01 maintenance release fixes a number of compatibility issues and adds several new program refinements.

Notable fixes and features in the 3.01 releases include:

  • improved time card editing down to 1 minute intervals.
  • improved password and security related issues.
  • fixed a bug that prevented retention of certain serial numbers,
  • fixed an exporting bug introduced in the 3.0 final release,
  • fixed a screen refreshing bug when using the time card editing features.

3.01 also introduces a $39.95 single user Net TimeClock license in addition to the previous 10, 25 and 100 user license packs. Net TimeClock (the personal TimeClock companion to Virtual TimeClock) can be run from employeeis networked computers or on a stand alone computer as a restricted and simplified worker interface for Virtual TimeClock Pro.

Virtual TimeClock Professional is available for US$149. You can find more information at the Redcort Software web site.