VisorPhone Service Now Available Through VoiceStream

While people may question the style and practicality of Handspringis VisorPhone Springboard Module, nobody doubts the "neato" factor of the product. To make it even easier to use, and more tempting to buy, Handspring has announced that VisorPhone users can now get wireless service through mobile providing giant VoiceStream as well as Powertel.

The VisorPhone module connects to the expansion slot on HandSpringis Visor handhelds. While perhaps not the sleekest looking device, the VisorPhone allows users to carry one less piece of equipment with them. According to Handspring:

Handspring, Inc. today announced expanded service activation for its VisorPhone Springboardexpansion module through VoiceStream Wireless and Powertel, Inc., bothleading GSM (Global Systems for Mobile Communications) wireless serviceproviders in the United States. Handspring previously announced serviceactivation in December with Cingular Wireless. Customers can now use theirVisorPhone in GSM service areas in over 6,000 U.S. and Canadian cities andtowns including New York, Dallas, Seattle and Atlanta.

The VisorPhone Springboard module is currently available, and is expected in retail stores later this year. ForCustomers who purchase VisorPhone simultaneously with service planactivation from one of Handspringis three GSM carriers, the cost of themodule is U.S. $299.Visor handhelds are sold separately.

VisorPhone is a compact mobile phone module that extends slightly above andbeyond the top and back of Visor itself. VisorPhone contains a battery,speaker, antenna, and three buttons: one to power VisorPhone on and off andtwo that allow a user to switch between voice and text messaging functions.As with all Springboard modules, all software needed to use VisorPhone isincluded in the module itself. Springboard modules are self-installing andself-de-installing and can run in place so there is no need to transfersoftware between Visor and the module. The process is automatic and fast. Touse VisorPhone, a person simply inserts the module into the Springboardslot. When powered on, VisorPhone will automatically register to the GSMnetwork. When the module is removed, software is automatically deinstalled,leaving Visor in a clean state. The Visor need not be turned on or off, orapplications closed, to insert or remove VisorPhone.

VisorPhone operates on the GSM standard, the most widely used digital phonestandard in the world, and is designed to function exclusively with theSpringboard expansion slot. The GSM standard allows users to receivewireless coverage in over 6,000 cities and towns in the U.S. and Canada.Handspring is now selling service plans from Cingular Wireless, Powertel,Inc. and VoiceStream Wireless. A one-stop shopping purchase and activationprocess is now available exclusively at allowing customers toeasily choose the service plan that best fits their specific needs.

The service providers, not Handspring, determined pricing plans based oncurrent competitive offerings. For a full list of pricing plans and options,simply type in your zip code at the following URL: and click on the "Buy it!"button to see what service is available in your area. Pricing is in linewith plans offered for mobile phones today. Additional carrier informationand activation details are provided at Customers who alreadyhave a GSM service plan and wish to use VisorPhone with their existing plancan purchase VisorPhone without a service plan for U.S. $499 The SIM card technology afforded by the GSM standard allowscustomers to swap a SIM card back and forth between GSM-compatible phones,all the while maintaining the same phone number.

You can find more information about the Visor and the VisorPhone at the Handspring Web site.