Visor Gets Digital Camera, PowerPoint Springboard Modules

Users of Handspringis Visor hand held device received good news today in the form of two new Springboard expansion modules. IDEO announced the eyemodule2 digital camera, while Margi Systems announced Presenter-To-Go, Springboard module that allows users to create PowerPoint presentations on their Visor. According to Handspring:

The new full-VGA eyemodule(tm)2 digital camera with improved resolution for Handspring(tm) Visor(tm) handheld computers will be introduced here today. Jeff Hawkins, co-founder, chairman and chief product officer of Handspring, Inc., will unveil and demonstrate the product at the conference. The eyemodule2 snaps into the Visor handheld via its Springboard(tm) expansion slot to enable easy capture and viewing of digital images in color or black & white in a variety of different formats. Handspring users can take pictures with the eyemodule2 in full VGA to download and print high resolution pictures, take Handspring Visor screen-sized snapshots saved in a compact format to conserve memory on the handheld, or take "Mini-Movie" video clips. In addition, the eyemodule2 includes the eyecontact(tm) software application to attach images to address book entries.

The eyemodule2 is currently available online ( and will begin shipping to retail outlets today, for an MSRP of $199.95. The original eyemodule will continue to be sold for an MSRP of $149.959. The eyemodule and the eyemodule2 are compatible with all Handspring Visor handheld computers, including the recently introduced Visor Prism and Visor Platinum. Like the original eyemodule, the eyemodule2 does not require batteries. Images and Mini-Movies can be categorized, annotated, beamed to other Visor handhelds or Palm OS(r) devices, or synchronized to either a PC or Macintosh with the included software to edit, e-mail, or print.

In addition to the improved resolution and capability to take short video clips, the eyemodule2 offers a range of other new features. The eyecontact software works with an eyemodule useris existing address book to attach photos to individual entries. A high-quality image browser from ACD Systems lets the eyemodule user download images to the PC for browsing purposes. Software included from ClubPhoto allows users to create photo albums with ease and share photos on the Internet. And, the new "eyedrop" feature provides the capability to upload images stored on a PC to the Visor handheld.

When the eyemodule2 digital camera is snapped into the Springboard expansion slot, the product only adds 2cm to the total length with no increase in thickness. Images are viewed on the screen of the Visor in real time, so people donit need to raise the Visor to the eye to look through a viewfinder. The eyemodule2 digital camera employs a VGA image sensor and image processor from Agilent Technologies Inc. Agilentis VGA image sensor enables the camera to capture high-quality images in low lighting conditions.

A Visor Prism handheld with 6 MB of free memory can hold over 50 full size color images, or over 150 palm size color images, or over 20 seconds of color mini-movies. A black and white screen Visor handheld with 6 MB of free memory can hold: over 50 full size color images, or over 660 palm sizeblack and white images, or over 85 seconds of black and white mini-movies.

MARGI Systems today announced the availability of Presenter-to-Go, a Springboard(tm) module that enables business professionals to make PowerPoint(r) presentations from their Handspring(tm) Visor(tm) handheld computers. Presenter-to-Go is featured in the Handspring booth this week at the DEMO 2001 Conference -- a showcase of emerging technologies and products. Jeff Hawkins, founder, chairman, and chief product officer for Handspring, will demonstrate Presenter-to-Go tomorrow at the conference.MARGIis Presenter-to-Go allows Handspring Visors to connect directly to digital projectors or other VGA displays.

Plug-in Software transforms Microsoft PowerPoint or any other Windows-Application documents on a personal computer (PC) into a Mobile Presentation format that can be transferred to a Visor handheld. Once the Mobile Presentations have been transferred, the person giving the presentation can take the Handspring Visor to a meeting, connect it to a projector, tap on the Presenter-to-Go icon and deliver a professional, color presentation. Additionally, the presentation can be operated from anywhere in the room via the included remote control.

About Presenter-to-Go
Presentations on the Handspring Visor have the following editing options:hiding/un-hiding slides, dragging and dropping reorganization, viewing slidenotes, and the choice of manual, automatic or looping of the presentation.Presenter-to-Go works with all models of the Handspring Visor. The module has a 2MB flash memory that allows storage of about 100 slides. Presentations may also be saved to the Visoris internal memory or a Springboard Flash Memory module. A 12-inch interface cable connects the module at one end to the provided VGA connector at the other end. Presenter-to-Go can be powered using the included A/C adapter, an optional battery pack, the Handspring power cable, or the cradle on the Visor Prism model.

Pricing and Availability
Margiis Presenter-to-Go is now available on the Presenter-to-Go web site, for US$299.

You can find more information at the Presenter-to-Go Web site and the eyemodule Web site.