VistaPro Updated With Full Color Control has released an updtae for VistaPro, bringing it to version 4.11. VistaPro is a 3D landscape creation app designed to turns 2D topographical data into 3D terrain. The update features full color control and DXF file exporting. According to

Today, we proudly announce the very first release of VistaPro™ Renderer brought to you by the and development team!

VistaPro™ has built your worlds since the long-ago days of itsi first release on the Amiga. Today, it is back and with an all new development team working on new upgrade releases, community support, and add-ons galore!

VistaPro™ Render 4.1.1 creates computer generated, three dimensional landscapes that has never been faster, or easier. You have full control over the colors used for all landscape features, making the landscapes impressively real or indescribably alien. You can create before and after landscapes to see what a area may have looked like a million years ago, or export your file (DXF format) into a 3-D modeling program and populate your new landscape with animals, aliens or spacecraft for spectacular photo-drama and animations.

You can find more information about the VistaPro update at the Web site. VistaPro 4.11 is available for US$45.00.