Vista Falls in CanSecWest Security Challenge

Last week, the MacBook Air was the first to fall in the CanSecWest Hacker Challenge. On Friday, Vista suffered the same fate, but thanks to Adobeis Flash, according to Channel Web.

Vista was running on a Fujitsu U810.

A researcher, Shane Macaulay, won a US$5,000 cash prize when he exploited an unidentified Adobe Flash player vulnerability. Mr. Macaulay was assisted by Derek Callaway, with Security Objectives, and by Alexander Sotirov, an independent researcher.

This was the second successful attack in the contest. A Sony Vaio notebook running Ubuntu Linux was not compromised.

Apple has had its own concerns about Adobe Flash, and the fact that the exploit involved Flash is both good in some ways for Vista itself, which fought off the MacBook Air attack, but not so good for Adobeis efforts to promote Flash.