Visual Network Mapping Client Update

Dartware is celebrating the 5th year of availability for their network mapping client, InterMapper, by releasing version 3.5. InterMapper allows network administrators to get a complete visual layout of their network and all connected components. According to Dartware:

Dartware, LLC announces the immediate availability of InterMapper 3.5, the latest release of its network monitoring and alerting program. InterMapper which enters its fifth year of sales with over 1200 customers worldwide, started life as a product sold by Dartmouth College. In April, 2000, Dartware spun out from the College and began enhancing and marketing InterMapper.

InterMapper 3.5 monitors network web, mail, DNS, and other servers, routers and other switching equipment. It also monitors LAN and WAN links to detect troubles in the network and alert the network manager to the problems. It quickly and easily creates maps of the network that serve as a documentation and troubleshooting aid. The built-in web server also allows a network manager to see the health of the network remotely using a standard web browser.

InterMapper is OS X compatible, and pricing starts at US$295. You can find more information at the InterMapper Web site.