Visual Network Monitoring Utility Updated For OS X

Dartware has released another beta edition of their visual network monitoring utility, InterMapper. Version 3.5b4 allows users to get a complete visual layout of their entire network, including all connected components, and monitors those components to automatically notify someone if there is a failure of some sort. The new version runs natively under Mac OS X. According to Dartware:

Do you know what equipment is on your network? With InterMapper, you can make maps of your network and see its state at a glance. InterMapper helps you document your network using its autodiscovery feature and lets you create one or several maps using simple layout tools. Itill even show interconnections between the devices.

Do you know whatis happening in the net? InterMapper displays detailed network statistics, including strip charts of errors and utilization on your LAN and WAN circuits. It also monitors your Web, e-mail, FTP and many other kinds of servers.

Do you know about failures before someone calls? When there are problems, InterMapper notifies you via sound, e-mail, pager, or running scripts to make corrective action. It also has a built-in Web server to let you see whatis happening using a standard web browser from anywhere on the Internet.

InterMapper 3.5b4 for MacOS X and Classic MacOS is available. New features in this release are:

  • OS X compatibility
  • Custom SNMP probes to allow testing new devices
  • New probes, including Cisco and HTTPS
  • Notification snooze alarm to avoid floods of alarms
  • Smarter SNMP trap handling
  • Numerous small features and bug fixes.

Pricing for InterMapper starts at US$299. You can find more information at the InterMapper Web site.