VizMotion Makes FM/Pro And Palm PDAs Happy

VizMotion has released a beta version of VizSync Address Book, a Palm OS conduit for syncing FileMaker Pro address databases to native Palm OS applications. The company has also made it possible for developers to create apps that link any FileMaker Pro database to native Palm applications using VizMotionis VizSync Developeris License. VizMotion says this about their product:

Atlanta based software company, VizMotion Inc., announced the availability of a Beta version of the VizSync Address Book for Mac and PC. VizSync Address Book, using pioneering technology, gives users the ability to build an enterprise-wide system that can interface with Palm OS based handhelds. This is good news for companies who are using FileMaker Pro database systems that are looking to make their solution mobile.

The VizSync Address Book streamlines the process of keeping track of contacts for todayis increasingly mobile business world. "For companies with individuals who are often on the road or have an extensive customer database, this is a must-have application, "says Robert Joseph, President and CEO of VizMotion Inc.. VizMotionis VizSync product line is unique in that it simplifies the database synchronization process into one easy-to-perform step. It runs on existing Microsoft Windows and Macintosh operating systems and does not require any new installation on the Palm OS based handhelds. VizSync Address Book is ideal for growing companies because it offers flexibility and the ability to upgrade as needed.

VizSync Address Book is designed to bring accuracy and flexibility to professionals who need to share an up-to-date contact management system. When the VizSync Address Book is working with FileMaker Pro, your contact management system becomes a more powerful and mobile solution.

FileMaker Pro Developers can purchase licenses from VizMotion and integrate VizSync into their own products. If they do not currently own FileMaker Pro, VizMotion Inc. offers VizSync Complete (a combination of FileMaker Pro 5.5 and VizSync Address Book). Developers can refit and reinvent delivered databases and develop more powerful, dynamic applications. VizSync is easy to install, integrate and customize, allowing developers the ability to enhance their products.

Stop by VizMotionis website for more information. VizSync retails for US$69.95 per user, and the company also has a Developer License that allows additional conduits to be purchased starting at US$19.95.