Voice Command Sets Now Available At CommandSets.com

Chuck Rogers Consulting has created a new Web site dedicated to speech recognition, CommandSets.com. The site is a distribution venue for voice command sets for popular apps like iListen and PlainTalk. Slated apps to be supported are Appleis iApps, Acrobat, and FileMaker Pro. According to Chuck Rogers Consulting:

Chuck Rogers Consulting is pleased to announce CommandSets.com, a Web site dedicated to the distribution of voice commands for iListen™ from MacSpeech, ViaVoice™ from IBM, and Appleis PlainTalk™.

Command Sets with thousands of unique commands will be introduced later this month for most of Appleis iApps, the Microsoft Office Suite of applications, BBEdit, Acrobat and Acrobat Reader, America Online, Quicken, QuickBooks, and FileMaker Pro — with many more to follow.

Command Sets for iListen are imported directly into the application, unlike the MacSpeechis ScriptPaks, which require two separate installations before they can be used. ViaVoiceis Command Sets are in the form of Keyboard Shortcut Dictionaries, or KSDs. Command Sets for Appleis PlainTalk will be distributed as a collection of scripts that are installed in the Apple Speakable Items folder.

You can find more information about the command sets at the CommandSets.com Web site. Pricing information can be obtained by contacting the CommandSets.com sales team.