WTF: The Ultimate Online Font Finder

Astro Black, Menhart Pro, Outpost, Frisans, Gothic Pro... If you recognized these as font names, then we suffer from the same affliction: A love and appreciation for typestyles. The appalling thing for those of us addicts is seeing a font, but not being quite sure exactly which one it is. Time to pay a visit to WhatTheFont?!

This godsend of a Web site analyzes a graphic sample of your mystery font and almost always comes back with exactly what you want to know: Which font is that?

I started by scanning a font from a printed document.

WhatTheFont?! recognizes JPEG, GIF, TIFF and BMP image formats, and works best when you include a mix of upper and lowercase letters that arenit touching each other. Just use the Web interface to upload your text sample, and let WTF do its magic.

Next I upload the font to the WTF Web site.

This is a great tool for designers or anyone else that needs to identify a font, and WTF is amazingly accurate.

Then WTF tells me what my font is.

If you donit have a full-blown graphic editing application like Photoshop to make you text sample image, you can always use Mac OS Xis built-in screen capture tool via the Command-Shift-3 keyboard command. You can even edit your screenshot in Preview. This Quick Tip shows you how.

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