WWDC Kicks Off Next Week, Apple Announces Mac OS X Migration Station

We got a note from Apple today to remind us one last time that the WWDC is starting next week, and the organizers have added what they are calling the Mac OS X Migration Station to help developers move their apps to X. This is a key opportunity for Mac OS X developers, and Apple seems pretty keen on getting as many developers to the conference as possible. According to Apple:

Thereis just one more week to go until Worldwide Developers Conference 2001 launches at the San Jose Convention Center.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs will open this information-packed event, which features over 160 session hours covering Mac OS X, Darwin, Java, QuickTime, WebObjects, and more. View a complete list of session descriptions at the WWDC Web site.


At WWDC 2001, youill receive a wealth of technical details from Apple engineers, including:

  • Leveraging single and multiprocessor hardware with Mac OS X to significantly boost performance of your application with threading
  • Harnessing the power of Quartz in your application with detailed explanations of the Quartz graphics architecture, the Quartz API, and how to integrate PDF support into your products
  • Exploiting the power of Mac OS Xis custom version of BSD 4.4 to bring BSD-based applications to Mac OS X
  • Appleis plans for Java on Mac OS X, including the Java runtime environment, the HotSpot Client VM, Java development tools, and shared libraries
  • Using Project Builder to develop Carbon, Cocoa, and Java applications and frameworks as well as device drivers and other system components
  • Interface Builder features that make it easy to manage virtually every aspect of creating a well-designed user interface that adheres to the Aqua guidelines


When migrating your code to Mac OS X, you shouldnit leave your icons behind. Representatives from IconFactory, a leading icon design agency, will be on hand to provide you with professional Mac OS X icon design assistance during the show. Visit them in the Mac OS X Migration Partners booth area at WWDC, along with six other top-notch engineering firms on hand to answer all your questions about porting your apps to Mac OS X, or creating brand new apps for Mac OS X.

Donit miss this opportunity; add a shot of adrenaline to your Mac OS X development by attending WWDC 2001.

Register today!

You can find more information at the WWDC Web site.