WWDC Sessions Schedule Posted, Starts With Mac OS X State Of The Union

Apple has posted the detailed schedule of the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) sessions at the WWDC Web site. The daily session grids include the time and date of each session, as well as a brief description of that session. The purpose is to not only allow developers to schedule their WWDC time, but to give those developers who havenit registered incentive to do so. Apple has the sessions divided into the following categories:

  • Enterprise IT
  • QuickTime
  • General
  • Application Frameworks
  • Graphics and Imaging
  • Core OS
  • Hardware
  • Apple Developer Tools

Each day is blocked off with color coded session names that correspond to the above categories. The event kicks off with the keynote on Monday, June 23rd. The first session starts two hours later, and is grandly called "Max OS X State of the Union." Other sessions for that Monday include:

  • Development Technologies Keynote (Session 300)
  • Wireless Directions (Session 500)
  • Java Overview/State of the Union (Session 600)

Weill be highlighting some of the specific sessions in upcoming weeks. If thereis something about these sessions you would be interesting in learning about, let us know.

Remember that Apple has moved the WWDC back to June 23rd through the 27th in order to accommodate Mac OS X 10.3, which has been dubbed Panther. If you want to find more information on the daily session grids, registration, or other WWDC info, visit the WWDC site.