Wacom Bundles Photoshop Elements with Intuous3 Tablets

Wacom announced Tuesday that it was bundling Adobe Photoshop Elements 3 with its Intuous3 pen tablets. Photoshop Elements is effectively the consumer version of Photoshop, and includes all but the most powerful imaging tools included with the full version of Photoshop. Intuous3 is Wacomis tablet input device designed for what the company calls the serious photographer, designer, and artist.

Photoshop Elements 3 sports 19 pressure-sensitive tools that take advantage of the pressure-sensitive Intuous3. The software joins Corel Painter Essentials 2, Color Efex Pro 2 IE, and Wacom Brushes 2, which adds brushes to Photoshop Elements and the full version of Photoshop.

Intuous3 is priced starting at US$219, and comes in three sizes. You can find more information on the product at Wacomis Web site.