Wacom Technology To Ship CintiqPartner Tablet

Wacom Technology will soon be shipping the CintiqPartner for tablet fans. The Partner is a 6" x 8" tablest designed for use with the Grip Pen, also from Wacom. The tablet features 512 levels of sensitivity and dual monitor support. According to Wacom Technology:

Wacom Technology, the worldis leading maker of pen tablets, today announced the CintiqPartner, a pen tablet designed to use the Grip Pen from a Cintiq interactive pen display and thereby provide fast cursor control and easy desktop access in multiple-monitor configurations involving a Cintiq.

Cintiq interactive pen displays allow users to work directly on the screen with the natural control of a pen. The CintiqPartner complements that capability by allowing the same Cintiq pen to be used on the CintiqPartner pen tablet to navigate on any traditional CRT or LCD monitor.

The CintiqPartner has an active area of 6" x 8". The Cintiq Grip Pen controls the cursor in any application, offers 512 levels of pressure-sensitivity and provides pen-point precision whether used directly on the Cintiq screen or on the CintiqPartner tablet.

You can find more information about the CintiqPartner at the Wacom technology Web site. The CintiqPartner will be available in June for US$199.00.