Wake Up! Alarm Clock Pro Updated

Koingo Software has updated their full-featured alarm clock software, Alarm Clock Pro, to version 3.0.4. Alarm Clock Pro allows users to configure their Mac to be a reliable and versatile alarm clock. According to Koingo Software:

Long past are the days of fiddling around with complicated digital alarm clocks. Alarm Clock Pro has four clearly labeled devices: Classic, Perpetual, Timer and CD Audio. Simply click on the desired alarm type, set the alarm time and youire off!

Weive all purchased those other alarm clocks which only allow you to set one ring time; Alarm Clock Pro is not one of them. The Perpetual module of the application lets you set seven alarms to ring between now and December 31st, 2040. Classic, another module, allows you to set another seven alarms to ring once everyday, weekday or weekend. The module entitled Timer works just like your standard kitchen timer except it doesnit require any batteries.

Use MP3s, CD Tracks, live Internet audio streams and pretty much anything else as your ring sound. Nevermore wake up in a grumpy mood because of your standard alarm clocks rude buzzing alert.

Alarm Clock Pro is for everyone from businessmen to day care workers. Never miss and important meeting, forget about the cookies in the oven, or miss your favorite TV show. This astonishing product has more uses than one ever imagined!

Alarm Clock Pro is available for US$9.97. You can find more information at the Koingo Software Web site.