Walk-Free: Wireless Headphones for Your Mac

Digital Age Products announced Walk-Free Wireless Headphones for Macs and Windows computers. Walk-Free is a wireless headphone solution that utilizes a USB connection and a proprietary technology to transmit uncompressed sound across the 2.4 GHz frequency from your computer to the headphones.

The headphones run off of two "AA" batteries, and include a volume control on the headphones themselves. In addition, the headphones will transmit over eight different channels in the 2.4 GHz spectrum, which makes it easier to use them in environments with other 2.4 GHz devices such as AirPort networks and some cordless telephones.

The Walk-Free headphones include a signal strength indicator on the USB transmitter, and the company said that no additional software is required to make the product work with your Mac. Your Mac should, in effect, treat the headphones as a set of USB speakers.

The headphones are priced at US$59.95. You can find more information at Digital Age Productsi Web site.

Walk-Free Wireless Headphones