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Observer Rem wrote to us with a gem from the Wall Street Journal. It seems that novelist Reynolds Price was engaged in a conversation with Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, and the fact that Mr. Price wrote on a Mac entered the conversation. Better yet, the WSJ took the time to tell us about it. According to the letter from Rem:

The Monday, March 12th edition of the Wall Street Journal has a special E-commerce insert. There is a section on page R35 called The Last Word. The story profiles novelist Reynolds Price. In the middle of the story there is a sub-headline entitled, A Window on Gates-where Mr. Price had dinner at Bill Gatesi house.

The WSJ asked Mr. Price the one of the following questions... The Mac related info I have included for you.

WSJ- "Did he seem well-read?" (Asking Mr. Price about his conversation with Bill Gates)

Mr. Price - "He and I didnit talk about his reading, but we did talk a bit about my writing on a Mac. Iive been using Macs for the last eight or nine years, since I consigned my old IBM Display Writer to the dinosaur graveyard.

WSJ- "Did he try to convert you?"

Mr. Price - "He didnit. And a good thing, too. Iim afraid Iim a renegade in that department. Iim delighted with the revival of Mac.

Great Praise for the Mac!!!

You go Mr. Price! Stand up for your Mac! grin If you are curious about the books Mr. Price has written, here is a list from Amazon.com.

This link may, or may not, take you to the article on the online version of the Wall Street Journal, but it requires a subscription. Thanks to Rem for taking the time to send this to us. If you have something interesting that involves the Mac, drop us a line.

Yesterday, we ran a piece about the Titanium PowerBook showing up on the front page of the New York Times.

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