Wall Street Journal Asks Novelist About His Mac & Bill Gates

Observer Rem wrote to us with a gem from the Wall Street Journal. It seems that novelist Reynolds Price was engaged in a conversation with Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, and the fact that Mr. Price wrote on a Mac entered the conversation. Better yet, the WSJ took the time to tell us about it. According to the letter from Rem:

The Monday, March 12th edition of the Wall Street Journal has a special E-commerce insert. There is a section on page R35 called The Last Word. The story profiles novelist Reynolds Price. In the middle of the story there is a sub-headline entitled, A Window on Gates-where Mr. Price had dinner at Bill Gatesi house.

The WSJ asked Mr. Price the one of the following questions... The Mac related info I have included for you.

WSJ- "Did he seem well-read?" (Asking Mr. Price about his conversation with Bill Gates)

Mr. Price - "He and I didnit talk about his reading, but we did talk a bit about my writing on a Mac. Iive been using Macs for the last eight or nine years, since I consigned my old IBM Display Writer to the dinosaur graveyard.

WSJ- "Did he try to convert you?"

Mr. Price - "He didnit. And a good thing, too. Iim afraid Iim a renegade in that department. Iim delighted with the revival of Mac.

Great Praise for the Mac!!!

You go Mr. Price! Stand up for your Mac! :-) If you are curious about the books Mr. Price has written, here is a list from Amazon.com.

This link may, or may not, take you to the article on the online version of the Wall Street Journal, but it requires a subscription. Thanks to Rem for taking the time to send this to us. If you have something interesting that involves the Mac, drop us a line.

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