Walt Mossberg Shows The Easy Path To Switching

The Mac is once again the subject of Walt Mossbergis influential Personal Technology column for the Wall Street Journal. In Thursdayis installment, titled "Microsoft Program Lets Macs Run Windows, Easing Switch to Apple," looks at Microsoftis new version of Virtual PC (version 7.0) as a vehicle for Switching to the Mac. From that column:

But one issue has stopped many Windows users from switching: Out of the box, Macs canit run Windows or software made for Windows. That means that people who switch to the Mac canit keep using the Windows programs they like or that their employers require them to run.

Now, one company has come to the rescue, making it easier for Windows users to switch. This company has just released powerful software for the Macintosh that allows Appleis computers to run Windows and Windows programs. With this new product, you can buy a stylish, powerful, virus-free Macintosh and still run the unique Windows programs you need.

And just which company has made this possible? Surprise: Itis Microsoft. Yes, Microsoft, the publisher of Windows and the most popular Windows programs, is enabling the computers sold by its arch-rival, Apple, to run Windows and Windows programs. Itis as if the New York Yankees were selling tickets to Boston Red Sox games.

In the full review, Mr. Mossberg points out that running Virtual PC is slower than running Windows on dedicated x86 (or AMD) hardware, and that people who do Switch should do so with the mind set of using as many Mac apps as they can, with Virtual PC filling the role of a digital parachute. He also emphasizes the lack of security problems with the Mac platform. We recommend it as a good read.

For those without a subscription to the Wall Street Journal, Mr. Mossbergis column can be found for a limited time at his Personal Technology Web site.