Walter Mossberg On Tonight's Mac Show

The special guest on tonightis Mac Show will be none other than the Wall Street Journalis Walter Mossberg. It is rumored that Mr. Mossberg was the first to receive a new G4 PowerBook from Apple, and he will be sharing his thoughts on the shiny new supercomputer. According to the Mac Show:

The Mac Show has been on the air for 6 years and has done 996 interviewswith vendors, Apple employees, columnists, Editors, authors and others.

After the first three interviews of Wednesdayis show, the 1000th guest isa special treat.>p>The Mac Show has an exclusive interview with Walter Mossberg, the highlyesteemed columnist for the Wall Street Journal. Mr Mossberg is the firstperson Apple delivered a Titanium Powerbook to and heill share his thoughtson Appleis latest offering on the show.

As always, on the first Wednesday of each month, itis time for the UserGroup Focus segment with Correspondent Chuck Joiner who will wrap up allthe user group news from Macworld Expo. Macs are alive and well on campus;to prove it, Chuck will then talk with Emory University MUG leader DavidRoemer about their recent iMovieFest, as an example of what college-basedMUGs are doing to promote the cause.

On the Tech Tips segment, sponsored by Tech Tool Pro 3, Paulo de Andrade,Sr. Producer, Digital Media Online, will be on to talk about what you canand canit do with Appleis DVD offerings.

Peter Cohen of MacCentral will have all the Game News and Ron Fairbairnwill be on with Mac Basics. In Mac Media Pro, Mark Stevensi guest is JayRose of the Digital Playground. Sounds like a fun place to work!

As always, there will be lots of prizes to be won and frivolity to be had.As a matter of fact, someone will win a Powerlogix G4 400 Mhz upgrade cardto slide in to their Mac at the end of Wednesdayis show. Itis not toolate to enter so tune in to learn how to win!

As always, they have lots of other swag to give away - Podium Coolpads, MacDesign subscriptions, "Down & Dirty Photoshop 6 Tricks" by Scott Kelby andt-shirts from!

You can tune into the Mac Show every Wednesday from 9-11:00PM EST.