Wanna Make An iMovie? Apple And Outpost Sponsoring Contest

Apple Computer, in conjunction with online computer reseller Outpost.com, has announced a new iMovie contest. Each week, for the next five, Apple and Outpost will award over US$1200 worth of prizes to the creator of the best iMovie created production. Each week will have a new theme, ranging from "Family Pets" to "Funniest" to "Scariest." The contest kicks off this week with the "Most Creative" category. According to Outpost.com:

This weekis contest theme: "Most Creative"

If you want to win a self-indulgent gold statuette, send your movie to Hollywood. But if you want to win something you can really use, enter your home movie into our iMovie Contest! You can submit your home movie into one (or all) of the following categories: Most Creative, Funniest, Most Adorable, Best Pets, and Scariest. Who knows, you might just win a fab prize package worth over $1200! Then youill be able to strut around your neighborhood being all fake and phony like your favorite Hollywood director!

IMovies should be stored on the Apple site (http://homepage.mac.com/), and then entered for the Contest at Outpost.com. Storing the iMovie on the Apple site is insufficient to enter it in the Contest. Entries may be submitted on the Outpost.com site only, beginning September 25 at noon ET, 2000. To enter, submit the url of your iMovie (received when you stored your iMovie on the Apple site) in the submission form containing personal contact information, including name, mailing address, daytime phone number, e-mail address.

Other categories & dates for separate contests are as follows:

  • Most Creative Sept 25th - Oct 1st
  • Funniest Oct 2nd - Oct 8th
  • Most Adorable Oct 9th - Oct 15th
  • Best Pets Oct 16th - Oct 22nd
  • Scariest Oct 23rd - Oct 29th

PRIZES PACKAGE: Approximate Retail Value $1269.69

One winner will receive all of the following prizes:

  • A $500 Gift Certificate to the Cinema of your choice
  • DVD Player = $249.99
  • T4138 Sony DVP-S360 DVD/CD Player - brought to you by Tweeter.
  • Six months of movie rentals at NetFlixs = $119.70
  • Apple Final Cut Pro training videos= $400

You can find more information, and register to enter the contest, at the Outpost.com web site.