Want A Demo Of The Latest Game Title? Head To MacDemos

A new Mac-centric site has launched, MacDemos. MacDemos aims to be a one-stop resource for software demos, updates, and news. They will also host petitions encouraging software developers to release high quality demos of new titles. According to MacDemos:

MacDemos.com is officially opening the doors today. MacDemos is a Macintosh useris demo paradise. MacDemos offers demo updates, news, petitions, reviews, and more!

MacDemos is already brimming with features. The continual addition of demos to the library allows for fresh daily news, new demo reviews, and great reader interaction (registration and personal demo reviews/additions). MacDemos also offers a light-hearted atmosphere and a simple interface.

Our goal is stated in four points:

  • Demo Release - Timely news of new and recently updated software demos. Commercial software and shareware releases are often available as demos.
  • Demo Quality - To promote better demo quality by reviewing (and letting users review) demos publicly. A good demo leaves you certain about a purchase (to buy or not to buy).
  • Demo Quantity - Many software publishers never release demos. We hope to change this through petitions and requests.
  • Demo Surprises - Commercial software is constantly released and updated... Many of these updates and files act as unadvertised demos! MacDemos works to find unknown and unadvertised demos in new software (either online or on magazine CD-ROMs).

The first demo petition is already underway. MacDemos is calling all Mac gamers to band together and request a demo of MacSoftis iDriveri title. A petition is posted at MacDemos.com and users are encouraged to sign on.

MacDemos.com is operated by Malcolm Harding. You can contact Malcolm at malcolm@macdemos.com.

You can find more information, and links to great software demos, at the MacDemos web site.