Want A Free Copy Of Terminus?

While you are waiting and getting geared up for the weekis MACWORLD activities, you can kill some time reading MacGameris Ledge review of Myst Masterpiece Addition. And, as a special treat, MGL is offering another giveaway, with extended MACWORLD registration guidelines. According to MGL:

MacGameris Ledge has just published its latest review, this time on the updated version of Myst, known as Myst Masterpiece Edition. Find out what has changed and what has stayed the same:


MGL has also just announced itis latest weekly giveaway. Starting today and running through July 26 (2 week registration due to Macworld next week), those who visit MGL can register to win Terminus, a new space combat role playing game that allows networking of up to 32 people, in a mixed system environment (Mac, PC and Linux). There will be one lucky winner.

You can register for the Terminus giveaway at the Mac Gameris Ledge web site.