Want Bryce 4, Poser 4 Or Digital Tools Seminars?

The Rocky Mountain Digital Arts Center (RMDAC) has announced Introduction level classes for Bryce 4 and Poser 4. They have also announced a new computer design focused seminar, the Digital Tools for Fine Art Seminar. According to RMDAC:

Bryce/Poser 4

This two day-seminar is an introduction to the exciting world of 3D animation and will consist of intensive workshop sessions on topics in Bryce and Poser. Clark Dunbar, the primary instructor for the Introduction to Bryce 4 and Poser 4, is a nationally known digital artist.

Day one will focus on the building blocks of Bryce 4. Bryce 4 is dedicated to designing, rendering, and animating breathtaking natural 3D worlds and abstract 3D sculptures. Bryce is an ideal application for both beginners and advanced users because it is extremely easy to use and it comes loaded with libraries of presets to use in your own work. Students will begin this day by viewing samples of Bryce imagery and animations, then work in a hands-on workshop of exploring and understanding the interface and controls to create their own 3D Landscapes and scenes.

On day two, the emphasis will shift to the 3D-character animation and design tool program Poser 4. Poser users can create images, movies, and posed 3D figures from a diverse collection of fully articulated 3D human and animal models. Students will look at the applicationis practical uses, then move into a hands-on workshop of creating, posing and texturing human and animal figures in 3D for rendering within Poser or exporting into other 3D applications.

This seminar takes place on October 7–8 at the RMDAC in Denver.

Digital Tools for Fine Art

This special one-day seminar is an introduction to several tools used by digital fine artists, who, as computer graphics have evolved, have begun to use the computer for the creation of fine art. With the current crop of graphic software, new programs are available to create all types and styles of fine art.

Students will explore several tools: Photoshop and its plug-in filters, the world-standard image-editing application, Painter 6, the Natural-Media painting tool for graphic designers and fine artists alike, Studio Artist, which opens up a whole new world for visual artists, designers and video professionals by synthesizing music, cognitive neuroscience, and visual perception, and ArtMatic, a new kind of program that combines fractal and fractal-like images, random textures, gradients, displacements maps, and tiles in exciting ways not possible with any other product.

Students will view digital fine art pieces from artists around the world, then explore in a hands-on environment the applications, interfaces and "standard" uses of these programs. A special session will concentrate on the output and digital printing on desktop printers.

This seminar is for anyone with basic computer knowledge interested in the unfolding possibilities of digital fine art.

This seminar takes place on September 30, 2000 at the RMDAC in Denver.

You can find more information, including registration, about the seminars at RMDACis site.